Being arrested for DUI in Virginia generally results in a misdemeanor charge. In the case of a DUI accident, however, you may be facing a more serious charge. How you will be charged will depend on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), previous convictions, and whether your accident caused serious injuries or a fatality. Facing the criminal justice system alone is daunting enough but in the case of a DUI accident it can become even more intimidating. That is why it is vital that you seek the help of an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in Virginia DUI defense.

At The Wilson Law Firm, you can turn to a leader in DUI law and defense. Our legal team has 40 years of combined experience in handling all types of DUI and DUI-related charges, from first offense misdemeanors to injury and fatality accidents. We know the law, the science, and all other factors that may play a part in your DUI accident case. Our attorney team has been trained and certified on such DUI matters as field sobriety testing, breathalyzers, and breath alcohol forensics.

We know what to look for in investigating your case and state’s evidence, and how to use the results of our intensive research to create a viable defense strategy. We know when a plea bargain is your best option and how to talk to prosecutors to achieve better opportunities and advantages for you. That is why we recommend that you bring your case to our firm immediately following any DUI arrest.

DUI Accidents with Injuries and Death

You may be facing felony DUI if you caused serious injury or the death of another person due to driving while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. In the case of a fatality, the charge may consist of involuntary manslaughter or aggravated manslaughter, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. If convicted, you may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison with a license revocation for an indefinite period of time. A felony charge will also result in the seizure and forfeiture of your vehicle, may remove your right to vote, and seriously limit future job and career opportunities.

According to the Virginia DMV, 34 percent of all traffic accident fatalities in 2013 were alcohol-related. Of the more than 27,000 DUI convictions that year, the average BAC of .1397 far exceeded the legal limit of .08 percent. Statistics like these have resulted in harsh penalties of those convicted of Virginia DUI, especially individuals whose impaired driving resulted in harming others. Another consequence of a DUI accident with injury or death may be a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit filed against you in civil court in which the victims seek damages. These potential consequences further illustrate the need to seek competent legal counsel in your defense.

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