When you get into trouble, you may be able to handle certain things yourself; however, sometimes you may need a little help from someone else. When you get a DUI in Virginia, this is one of those times that you will need assistance from someone else, and a DUI lawyer can help you and represent your interests in a court of law.

Many people believe they can handle their DUI/DWI themselves, or they assume that they are guilty so they will not be able to fight it. Remember that you may have limited experience with Virginia laws, and the information and experience that a local DUI attorney has will help your case. An attorney who is skilled with drunk driving cases knows the court system and certain defenses that could be used in your case to help minimize your fines or jail time.

Now that you know it is critical that you hire a Virginia DUI lawyer, you need to know how to go about choosing one.

First, you need to shop around for a lawyer. It is extremely important to hire a DUI attorney in your local area, as they will know the judges and defense attorneys and how the court system works in that particular region. Most attorneys should give you a free legal consultation. Take them up on it. See who you feel most comfortable with, and also ask them for their experience and past results. Don't be afraid to ask important questions and compare the differences.

Benefits To Hiring a Local DUI Attorney

Second, don't let a price tag scare you away from hiring a DUI attorney. Many lawyers will work with you and offer a payment plan or discount. Remember that this is your life, and especially if you are a repeat offender, you could face stiff penalties. Sometimes, you cannot afford NOT to hire a skilled drunk driving attorney.

It is important to contact a DUI lawyer immediately after you receive a DUI in northern Virginia. You will receive a free legal consultation from the Wilson Law Firm. Remember, a lawyer who specializes in defending DWI/DUI cases knows the laws and will be the best to give you legal advice, since they are up-to-date on the fines and penalties in Virginia.

Contact A Virginia DUI Lawyer

Call the Wilson Law Firm today to speak with a qualified northern Virginia drunk driving defense attorney at (800) DUI - LWYR or (703) 361-6100. You can also order our FREE book DUI/DWI Arrest Survival Guide - The Guilt Myth, which will help you get through the difficult time after your Virginia DUI/DWI arrest.