Posted on Jun 10, 2011
It seems with every holiday police ask motorists to travel safely as they ramp up to catch speeders and drunk drivers with more Virginia DUI checkpoints and more police officers patrolling the streets. This last holiday was no exception. The state of Virginia expected more than one million motorists to travel on sate roads during Memorial Day weekend 2011, and law enforcement was ready.

In fact, Virginia police officers in Central Virginia got an early start to the holiday weekend by starting their DUI checkpoints on Thursday night. During this one night, they made two DUI arrests, two arrests for drug possessions and over 100 other tickets.

Virginia police officers throughout the state saw the traffic pick up on Friday and were clocking people speeding, even doing 20 miles over the speed limit, which is reckless driving in Virginia.

Officers increased patrols in certain areas, especially for sobriety enforcement. They were not just looking for drivers who were under the influence of alcohol, but they were patrolling the streets to crack down on drivers under the influence of prescribed medication and other drugs.

Although the exact numbers are not reported at this time, there were many DUI/DWI arrests in Virginia made this Memorial Day weekend. Statistics indicate that more than 100 people throughout this nation are killed each Memorial Day weekend as a result of alcohol-related accidents.

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