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Two Arrested for DUI in Northern Virginia after Super Bowl

Posted on Mar 04, 2011
After Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, February 6, 2011, state police in Northern Virginia as well as Maryland were prepared for drunk drivers as part of their drunk driving crackdown and Super Bowl enforcement efforts.
Law enforcement in both states arrested dozens of drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, and they also issued thousands of tickets to other motorists for traffic violations.

In Northern Virginia, state police were targeting interstates. They cited 42 drivers for traffic violations and arrested two drivers for DUI in Arlington, VA. Police warned motorists ahead of time to not drink and drive on Super Bowl Sunday, and believe that is what led to the reduced number of DUI arrests this year.

In Maryland, troopers arrested 42 drivers of suspected drunk driving and issued 1,653 traffic tickets after the Super Bowl game. When bars let out and parties ended, more drunk drivers were expected to be on the roads, and state troopers in Northern Virginia and Maryland prepared this year by adding extra law enforcement officers on duty surrounding the event.

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