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Virginia Woman Charged with DUI After Drinking Four Loko

Posted on Jan 02, 2011
Early in December, a woman was involved in a single-vehicle accident in Augusta County after she drank a can of Four Loko, a controversial alcoholic energy drink. Police say she was charged with a DUI in Virginia following the wreck.

Virginia State Police reported that they received complaints of a driver tailgating and driving recklessly moments before the crash. The driver turned out to be Melissa Farris, who was traveling on Augusta Farms Road. She lost control of her vehicle and rolled it. Farris’ car hit a tree, and when the car flipped over into a ditch, it trapped Farris inside the vehicle.

Farris was injured in the accident and was taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center in stable condition.
Police say the driver had consumed a Four Loko beverage prior to getting behind the wheel of her car. They charged her for driving under the influence of alcohol and believe Four Loko is to blame. Virginia State Trooper T.M. Simmons said, “As a result of consuming that alcohol, it was a direct factor in the accident itself. It just reinforces how potent that alcoholic beverage is, and how you need to be very cautious when consuming it.”

Four Loko, an alcoholic energy drink, has been in the news recently as the FDA has ruled it unsafe and has blamed many alcohol-related hospitalizations of college students on this drink. The drink will be removed from shelves by December 13, 2010 and will most likely return without the caffeine ingredient.

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