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Warning - North Yorkshire Police are Cracking Down on DUI

Posted on Jan 19, 2011
On, January 14, 2011, North Yorkshire Police announced that they are still planning on cracking down on drunk drivers throughout the year in order to save lives. This announcement came after they had made two DUI arrests on North Yorkshire's roads this week alone.

The police in North Yorkshire released figures showing that approximately 800 people have been injured and 30 people have died in the past five years as a result of drivers who have been under the influence.

Authorities are warning motorists to not drink and drive, as "drunk driving is an offense that we find totally unacceptable," according to North Yorkshire Policeman Dave Brown, who is head of road policing.

Driving under the influence in Virginia is still a problem, as the Yorkshire Post reveals that thousands were stopped for breathalyzer tests during the holiday period. The North Yorkshire Police arrested 81 people on drunk driving charges during this time period.

Officers have a zero-tolerance approach and are vowing to reduce the numbers of casualties caused by drivers under the influence. The North Yorkshire Police are continuing their holiday campaign through the year, and are urging Virginia motorists to let police know if they suspect another driver may be over the legal limit.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in North Yorkshire or anywhere in Virginia, give the Wilson Law Firm a call at (800) DUI-LWYR, and we will fight to get your charges lessened.

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