Many people who are arrested for DUI come to me feeling like there isn't any hope. They have a sense of despair they think the system is slanted against them and there's no way they're going to get out of this. That's just not true. there are many ways to approach and attack a DUI charge and because of that you need to find a lawyer who has the education, training, experience and dedication to DUI defense.

DUI Defense defense is a complex mixture of law, science, and medicine. In addition to the legal issues dealing with constitutional law, evidentiary law, you have no complicated issues if toxicology and physiology, the concepts and principles behind breath and blood testing. This requires extensive efforts on the part of the defense lawyer to learn, become familiar with, and stay on the cutting edge, which is why so few lawyers, I believe, are able to effectively do it.

Part of our job as counsel for those accused of drunk driving in Virginia is to help them on a personal level as well. They've experienced something they've never experienced before, they're scared, they're frightened, they're worried, 
they wonder how's my significant other, how's my boss, how are friends and family, how are the people at church going to respond to this. Am I gonna be judged? Am I going to lose everything? We help them realize that there is hope in this situation and if you hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer to help you, someone who's familiar with the system's
and the processes and what it takes to effectively defend these, they can get you through this with the least amount of harm.

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There's a difference in Virginia between lawyers who focus on DUI defense and lawyers who dabble in DUI defense. You need a lawyer who focuses on DUI defense. You need a lawyer who has the skills, the training, the expertise specific to that niche of the law. Request help now by filling out a contact form here.