The penalties for being convicted of a DUI in Virginia are very severe. There's a mandatory loss of the privilege to drive, which impacts the ability to earn a living, which impacts the ability to keep your home and maintain your family keeping them together. Of course their insurance consequences. Your insurance will go up if you're
convicted of a DUI Virginia. Our courts have the ability to grant a restricted license to people convicted of a DUI in some cases but that doesn't mean they always will. If they choose not to grant a restricted license the person will not be able to drive for any purposes and obviously that can have severe consequences. 

If you're convicted of a drunk driving offense in Virginia there are certain mandatory punishment they're going to be imposed. For a first offense there's a mandatory fine at least two hundred fifty dollars and a mandatory suspension of your lisence for 12 months. In addition to that there could be mandatory jail sentence if your test result
is of certain level. For second offense is get even worse. The fines go up, the license suspension increases to three
years and mandatory jail sentences are even more severe. Third offense is in Virginia are felony offense for which you could be imprisoned for up to five years and your privilege to drive will be revoked indefinitely. All the more reason you need an experienced DUI defense lawyer to help you.