Probation Text on a Cellphone ScreenMost people in Virginia who are convicted of a crime would prefer to be sentenced to probation rather than a jail or prison sentence. However, if you are placed on probation, you could suffer serious consequences if you violate the terms you are expected to comply with.

What Is Probation?

Probation is a less serious type of punishment that allows a person to stay at their home and continue working. It can be an option if the conviction is for a less serious misdemeanor or felony offense. When sentencing someone to probation, the judge would set conditions that they must follow during the time they are on probation. Common requirements include:

  • Reporting to a probation officer on the phone or in-person
  • Appearing at court hearings at scheduled times
  • Not possessing a firearm
  • Not using drugs or alcohol
  • Staying employed
  • Not committing any other crimes
  • Not leaving Virginia without court permission

Common Probation Violations

An individual can violate the terms of their probation in many ways and can face additional criminal charges for doing so. Leading probation violations include:

  • Not reporting to a probation officer
  • Not attending required court hearings
  • Not paying fines ordered as part of a sentence
  • Committing other crimes
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Not obtaining or keeping a job

Penalties You Face for Violating Probation

It is a crime to violate probation, and you could face additional criminal charges. The judge will consider the seriousness of the violation, whether this is your first offense, and other factors in deciding the penalties you will face for violating probation. They could include:

  • Being placed on probation for a longer period of time
  • Being sentenced to jail for a short period of time followed by additional time on probation
  • Having to follow new requirements, such as to perform community service or undergo drug and alcohol testing
  • Revoking your probation and requiring you to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail or prison

Contact A Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

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