Officer Walking to a Car With a Breathalyzer in Their HandsSome people think that they can beat a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately, the stories of how to trick a breathalyzer test are untrue. If you are stopped for DUI in Virginia, do not be fooled into trying these myths about how to trick a breathalyzer test that does not work.

#1: Eating Food

One common myth is that eating food after consuming alcohol will lower a person’s blood alcohol content level (BAC). However, consuming food will not impact your BAC if you take a breathalyzer test.

#2: Eating Mints or Chewing Gum

You may be able to reduce the odor of alcohol on your breath by eating mints or chewing gum, but doing so will not affect your BAC. You could increase your BAC by chewing mints since some have sugar alcohol.

#3: Using a Breath Spray or Mouthwash

Like gum and mints, using a breath spray or mouthwash would only help reduce the odor of alcohol on your breath. In addition, if you use mouthwash, your breathalyzer test result could be a false positive because of the high alcohol content in most mouthwashes.

#4: Sucking on Pennies

Another common myth is that sucking on pennies will reduce a person’s BAC. While this may have worked when pennies were made using copper, they no longer contain this metal. In addition, a police officer would most likely search your mouth to be sure there is nothing in it before you take the test.

#5: Hyperventilating

Hyperventilating can replace alcohol gases with fresh air but can leave you lightheaded or gasping for air. The police officer would most likely ask you to retake the test if they observed you hyperventilating or having difficulty breathing.

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