If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia, you could face severe punishments, such as a jail sentence, fines, and suspension of your driver’s license. You would also be required to successfully complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, which is also referred to as VASAP or ASAP.

What You Need to Know About VASAP

DUI Law Book With Gavel and PenYou will be required to enroll in VASAP as part of your DUI sentence, even if this is your first offense. You must wait until you receive the order requiring you to take these classes before beginning them. You will need to take a course through a provider listed on the VASAP website. Here is how VASAP works:

  • Intake. The first step in enrolling in VASAP is to go through intake. You would be assigned a case manager who would determine the number of hours of classes you must complete. They will also evaluate whether you should also attend drug and alcohol abuse counseling and provide you with a list of approved ignition interlock providers to install this device on your vehicle when you are permitted to drive on a restricted license.
  • Classes. You will be required to take educational classes to help you understand how dependent you are on alcohol and how to change your behaviors to be a safe driver. You must attend a minimum of 10 weeks of sessions that are two hours long.
  • Drug and alcohol testing. While enrolled in the VASAP course, you could be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing.
  • Probation. After you complete the mandatory 20-hour sessions, you may be required to remain in VASAP on probation. You would be monitored for compliance with the interlock ignition requirement if you are allowed to drive and may be required to submit to additional drug and alcohol tests.

You could face harsh consequences if you violate the requirements of the VASAP program, such as revocation of a suspended jail sentence.

How Much Does VASAP Cost?

The fee for enrolling in VASAP is $300. There is also a $100 intervention fee. If you cannot afford to pay these fees upfront, they will work out a payment play with you.

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