If You Are Running Late Can You Still Be Charged With Reckless Driving?No. There are times when you are up against a deadline and you are nervous that you aren’t going to get somewhere in time. You may be running late for a medical appointment, a business meeting, or to pick up your child, for example. These are stressful situations and it is understandable that you were driving faster than usual.

But it Won’t Stop the Police From Charging You With Reckless Driving

If you were driving more than 20 mph over the speed limit or more than 85 mph then the police may charge you with the crime of reckless driving. Make no mistake about this—you have not received a speeding ticket. You have been charged with a crime and you face significant penalties including fines and jail time. Accordingly, it is important to know how to defend yourself.

An Experienced Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Help You

While running late—even for a good reason—is relatable and understandable, it will not get you out of legal trouble. An experienced reckless driving lawyer may still be able to help you, however. An attorney can:

  • Review all of the evidence against you and determine whether the Commonwealth of Virginia can prove the charge of reckless driving. Your lawyer will carefully review any evidence of speeding. If there is any problem with the evidence, or if the evidence does not show that you were traveling at a speed that constituted reckless driving, then the state may not have a criminal case against you.

  • Consider any possible defenses to your reckless charge. We will review all of the reasons why you may have been speeding in order to determine if there is a viable defense to the charge against you.

You were stressed, with good reason, on the day that you were charged with reckless driving and you remain stressed about the charges that you face. Get the accurate information that you need today to protect your future. Contact The Wilson Law Firm to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced lawyer who will fight hard to see that you are treated fairly.