Posted on Apr 07, 2011
A controversial topic is being debated over Smartphone applications that indicate where and when roadside DUI checkpoints in Virginia and throughout the U.S. are located.

As it may not be illegal for drivers to use this application at this point, police in Virginia are looking to pull drivers over who don't pay full attention to the road. If someone is using this application, authorities believe that the only reason a driver would look to see where DUI checkpoints are located is to try and get away with driving under the influence of alcohol.

While using this application is not illegal, handling a cell phone while driving could get a driver pulled over for distracted driving. Police worry that if drivers can pinpoint the exact location of their DUI checkpoint, what would stop someone from drinking excessively and then getting behind the wheel?

Authorities are focusing on cracking down on drunken driving in Virginia and want to remind drivers to drive sober.

There are four U.S. senators who have attempted to restrict the use of these DUI checkpoint applications in order to fight against drunk driving. They have asked Apple, Google, Research in Motion and BlackBerry to stop selling the DUI checkpoint applications. At this point, BlackBerry and Research in Motion have agreed to quit selling these apps.

Many people feel like these phone applications are letting people get away with drunk driving and avoiding law enforcement, while others feel like restricting them is an infringement on their rights and that the government shouldn't be regulating what types of applications can or can't be purchased.

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