An Expert in a DUI Defense CaseNot every drunk driving case is going to require expert witnesses. However, in some cases, expert witnesses may be extremely helpful in preventing a criminal drunk driving conviction. The experienced DUI defense lawyers at The Wilson Law Firm can help you determine whether expert witnesses will be helpful in your case and, if so, what types of expert witnesses you need.

DUI Expert Witnesses to Consider in a Drunk Driving Defense Case

If an expert witness can help cast doubt on the government’s case and prevent the government from proving its case against you, then it is important to consider hiring an expert witness. Some examples of expert witnesses that may be useful in a Virginia DUI defense include:

  • A forensic toxicologist. This type of expert can analyze how you may have been impacted by the alcohol in your system and can analyze your breathalyzer results or the results of other tests that were used to determine your blood alcohol content.

  • A law enforcement professional. This type of expert can review the police officer’s conduct and investigation to determine if both were consistent with required procedures.

Other experts may also be useful based on the unique circumstances of your case.

The prosecution may also use expert witnesses in its case. Therefore, if you decide to hire expert witnesses, then it is important to work with well-respected and credible witnesses whose testimony will be persuasive to the court.

Talk to a DUI Defense Lawyer Before it Is Too Late

The decision about whether or not to work with expert witnesses is an important one to make in your DUI case, but it is not the only important decision. There are a lot of decisions and any of the choices that you make may significantly influence whether or not you are found guilty of drunk driving.

Accordingly, it is important to contact an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible to review your case and to help guide you through the difficult decisions that you need to make now and in the future. Call us today a free, no-obligation case evaluation.