The good news: by doing the research you are doing right now, you have already started putting yourself in a better position to defend your DUI charges. In addition to retrieving information from valuable sources, The Wilson Law Firm submits the following suggestions in preparation for your pending case:

Document the situation to the best of your ability.

Your case will likely not be resolved in court for another 30 to 90 days and the chances that you will forget certain potentially important details is high. That is why It is important to document as many details as possible while the incident is still fresh in your mind. Every detail in your case has the potential to be important.

Be sure to include details surrounding events leading up to the actual arrest, including your meals eaten that day. Your food consumption and beverage intake during the period before the arrest may impact your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Also remember to include names of any witnesses and check with them to see what, if anything, they might be able to add to your recollection.

Consult with an experienced DUI firm.

If you have discussed your situation with anyone, it is likely they know someone who has been convicted of DUI and they want to tell you all about it. Your mailbox is probably flooded with advertisements from different attorneys. When you ask for information on a DUI charge, a Google search routinely delivers millions of results.

With all of these available sources of information, it is possible that you have actually come across some misinformation about DUI defense. Take some time to contact an experienced Virginia DUI firm so you can rid yourself of misinformation and get any remaining questions answered accurately.

Pre-enroll in VASAP.

Anyone convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense in the state of Virginia will be required to complete Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP). VASAP is a system of educational programs organized and operated by the state to “improve highway safety by decreasing the incidence of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.”

Once you are arrested for a DUI, your information is automatically transmitted to VASAP. You will have the option, in most jurisdictions, to pre-enroll in the program. We recommend that you do this as it shows the courts you have taken the initiative to put yourself in a better position relating to your pending case.

Pre-enrolling in VASAP is not an admission of guilt. VASAP can help your case by providing positive feedback as to your admittance and attendance in the program.

Obtain a copy of your driving record.

A copy of your driving record covering ten (10) years of driving history provides much needed background information. The state will obtain this information and we will need to know what they are going to see to be prepared. If you have had a license in different states over the past ten years, contact each state’s DMV to obtain the necessary history. Most states allow you to request the report online, although some may require that you call to make the request.

Gather all commendations to help your defense.

Awards, certificates, letters of recommendation and proof of military status can have an impact on potential plea negotiations. Understanding who you are and from where you came can help to build a strong defense to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed entirely.

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