The police officers made their decision on the side of the road. They arrested you for drunk driving and they took you to the police station. Whether this is your first arrest, or you have Entering a Virginia Police Station After a DUI Arrest been arrested before, you may have questions about what happened at the police station following your arrest.

All of your questions deserve answers. In this article, we will outline what should happen at the police station following a drunk driving arrest in Virginia and how to get your individual questions answered by an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

What Typically Happens at the Police Station Following a DUI Arrest

If you have not already been given a breathalyzer test on the side of the road, then one may be administered when you get to the police station.

Additionally, you will go through the booking process. During this process, the officers may:

  • Run a preliminary criminal background search to see if you have any prior arrests or convictions.
  • Take your photograph and record your name and driver’s license information.
  • Search you and take all of your personal property to be held until the time of your release.
  • Put you in a holding cell until bail is worked out or an agreement to release you on your own recognizance is made.

At all times, the police officers should respect your constitutional rights.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected by Talking to VA DUI Defense Lawyer

You are facing a serious criminal charge, and it is important that all of your rights are protected going forward. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact our experienced DUI defense lawyers as soon as you can after a DUI arrest. We can make sure that your questions are answered, that your rights are protected throughout the process, and that you don’t face more significant DUI penalties than you deserve. Please contact us today for a free and confidential case consultation so that you can learn more about protecting your rights after a drunk driving arrest.