If you are not happy with your attorney's services, it is your right to find alternative legal representation. However, since doing so can create delays in your case, it is typically best to first consider if the relationship can be worked out.

Deciding to Terminate the Attorney-Client Relationship

Common reasons to consider terminating your relationship with your DUI lawyer include:

  • You believe the lawyer misrepresented his experiencing handling DUI cases.
  • You are not being properly informed of the progress of your case.
  • You believe your lawyer has committed an ethical breach, such as mishandling confidential information or not informing you of a conflict of interest.

It is important to understand that a lawyer can't guarantee any specific outcome in your case. Sometimes, even the most well-qualified lawyer may need to deliver news that you don't want to hear. Before you consider terminating the relationship, ask yourself if there is any way to work out your differences.

Next Steps

If you've decided that you wish to find a new DUI lawyer, consult your contract with your original attorney to figure out how to proceed with terminating the relationship. Keep in mind that there may be a financial penalty for breaking the contract.

It is advisable to find new representation before writing a letter to formally terminate the relationship. This prevents any unnecessary delays in your case. Your letter should include a brief explanation of why you wish to end the relationship and the name and contact information for your new DUI attorney. Send the letter via certified mail and keep a copy for your records.

If your case is pending, you must notify the court of the withdrawal or substitution of counsel immediately after notifying your current attorney that you wish to end the relationship.

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