DUI Law BinderYou could face harsh punishments if you are convicted of DUI in Virginia. One worry you may have if you are arrested or convicted of DUI is whether you must disclose your DUI to your employer. Here is what you need to know about when you have to inform your employer about your DUI.

When Are You Required to Tell an Employer About a DUI?

You would not be required to disclose a DUI to your boss in many situations. However, exceptions of when you would need to inform an employer include:

  • Contract or employer policy. You could be required to report your DUI if you have a contract with your employer that states this. In addition, you would need to tell them if they have a stated policy, such as in an employee handbook, that requires workers to disclose a DUI.
  • Job application. If you are applying for a job, you may need to disclose a DUI on the job application and should answer these questions honestly. However, you need to read the questions carefully because they may be asking about convictions or felony convictions and not arrests.
  • Commercial license. If you must drive for work or have a commercial license, you are required to disclose your DUI. Postal workers, commercial truck drivers, air traffic controllers, and bus drivers would fall into this category. You may also have to disclose a DUI arrest or conviction if you drive a company car.
  • Professional license. If you are a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or nurse, or hold another professional license, you may be required to report a DUI to the licensing board. You will need to review your licensing requirements to see if you are obligated to disclose a DUI.
  • Security clearance. Depending on your level of security clearance, you may be required to report a DUI to your employer.

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