Posted on Mar 16, 2011
On Friday, March 4, 2011, a volunteer firefighter was arrested for DUI in Virginia following a fire truck joyride. Authorities said he is facing drunk driving charges after this incident late Friday night.

Sean Richard Swanson, the 27-year-old volunteer firefighter at a Hamilton fire company, took an engine belonging to Hamilton VFD out for a ride on the streets of Hamilton, Virginia. He and four other fire and rescue volunteers were in the truck when it was pulled over.

A deputy with the Loudoun sheriff's office observed a fire truck being driven in a dangerous way. He proceeded to pull the fire truck over after he learned that there were no active fires in that area.

The sheriff's office says they gave Swanson field sobriety tests after they pulled the fire truck over. After an investigation it was determined that the other occupants in the engine were also intoxicated. Virginia law enforcement charged Swanson with driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The other volunteer firefighters of Loudoun County were released.

After this arrest and DUI, Swanson resigned along with two of the other volunteers that were in the fire truck that night - all from Hamilton Volunteer Fire Company. Two volunteers from other companies who were also involved in this incident were suspended while an internal investigation is being conducted.

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