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Virginia Officials Pool Resources to Combat Drunk Drivers

Posted on Aug 13, 2011
Virginia law enforcement has reduced the number of impaired drivers and DUI crashes in Northern Virginia and throughout the state. Officials indicated that over the last five years, the number of accidents related to alcohol and drugs has steadily declined.

When comparing the numbers from Virginia drug and alcohol accidents to Maryland or the District of Columbia, one can see a noticeable difference. Maryland's drug and alcohol crashes have approximately been consistent over the same five year period, and the District of Columbia alcohol- and drug-related accidents have increased during the same period.

What is making the difference?

Virginia police indicate that they have recurrent sobriety checkpoints, education campaigns and saturation patrols that help reduce drunk drivers in Virginia. By having frequent checkpoints, they feel that they are effective in stopping drivers from driving drunk in the first place.

Because it is difficult to get the money for extra patrols, six Northern Virginia agencies pooled their resources and teamed with each other when performing saturation patrols. During the most recent saturation, Northern Virginia police arrested 19 people for DUIs and wrote out 500 citations for various violations.

The state of Virginia set up 623 DUI checkpoints last year alone.

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