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Empower Yourself With Possible Defenses in Your Virginia Criminal Defense Case

Our qualified attorneys often write legal library articles that will give you information on Virginia criminal laws and penalties, as well as explain possible defenses and strategies for your DUI, traffic or criminal case. These articles will help explain your rights under Virginia laws and educate you on the process you may be facing.
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  • What to Know Before Plea Bargaining a DUI Case Not all DUI cases will settle, but there are things you should know about drunk driving plea bargaining agreements. Learn about them here.
  • What to Expect at the Police Station After a VA DUI Arrest Find out what may happen at the police station after a drunk driving arrest in Virginia and why you should contact a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Fight DUI Charges to Protect Your Kids What will happen to your kids if you go to jail for drunk driving? What if your kids were in the car at the time you were arrested? Get these answers here.
  • The Financial Benefit of Hiring a DUI Attorney Are you worried about the cost of hiring a DWI lawyer? Find out why it may cost you less to hire one than to try to defend yourself.
  • Appealing Your DUI Conviction: What You Need to Know Virginia law allows you to file an appeal with 10 days if you've been convicted of a DUI. This gives you a second chance to reduce or drop the charge.
  • How Social Media Affects Your DUI Case If you're facing a DUI charge, it may be in your best interests to take a break from social media.
  • Penalties for DUI/DWI in Virginia Virginia law carries stiff penalties for drunk driving, depending upon the number of offenses. Hiring a DUI defense attorney can help you protect yourself.
  • Gender Differences in Body Water Percentages Affect BAC Understanding how gender differences in body water percentages affect Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels can assist in preparing your DUI/DWI defense.
  • Dram Shop Laws and Your Virginia DUI Defense Dram shop laws allow bars to be held responsible for failing to cut off drinkers who cause an accident, but Virginia does not permit this DUI defense.
  • History of the Breathalyzer Breathalyzers have evolved since being created in the 1950s by a police captain in Indiana. Understand how breath-test devices have been modernized.
  • Additional Penalties for DUI Besides fines and jail time, a DUI conviction in Virginia may also bring the following penalties which make fighting your charge that much more important.
  • DUI Hearing Outcomes Did you get a DUI in VA and are now facing a Virginia DUI Hearing? The Lawyers at the Wilson Law Firm are here to help! Contact us today.
  • DUI and Involuntary Manslaughter Can A DUI be involuntary manslaughter? Contact the professionals from The Wilson Law Firm to learn this and other valuable information.
  • DUI And Your Insurance How will a DUI in VA affect your insurance? Let the Wilson Law Firm in Virginia show you how a DUI and your insurance are related. Call us today!
  • Types of Breathalyzers Understand the difference between active and passive breathalyzers, preliminary breath tests versus evidential test devices.
  • DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving Were you charged with DUI in VA and are unsure if you can have your charge reduced to reckless driving? Contact the Wilson Law Firm today for more information.
  • Virginia DUI Checkpoint Laws Arrested for drunk driving at a DUI checkpoint in VA? The Wilson Law Firm is here to help you understand Virginia DUI Checkpoint Laws. Free consultation.
  • Virginia DUI with Accidents In the case of a DUI with accident you may be facing a more serious charge. How you will be charged will depend on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Underage DUI The consequences of Underage DUI in Virginia can be very costly, both monetarily and in other ways as well. Protect your future and talk to The Wilson Law Firm
  • Virginia DUI Pleas Did you get a DUI in VA and don't know what to do next? Contact the Wilson Law Firm to learn about Virginia DUI Pleas and what plan of action you can take.

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